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Valley of the Dolls: Bumper crop of videos of rocking ladies from Western MA

It's good to see the scales of gender inequality tipping in favor of women in the Western MA rock 'n' roll juggernaut. In the 80's and 90's, the indie music scene was a long-running fraternity of dudes and bros. Jump ahead to the early 2000's and the tide is turning with either all female outfits like And the Kids, Banditas, Shangri Lips and Potty Mouth or female fronted bands such as Speedy Ortiz and Home Body or solo acts like Violet Clark (Grand Duchy). For no particular reason, here are some must-see recent or spanking new videos that both embrace this shift and also feature Western MA as the star.

Bunny's A Swine, "Greetings From the Bottom"
Bunny's A Swine

Bunny's A Swine's latest release, "Greetings From the Bottom" features a cameo from Speedy Ortiz front woman, Sadie Dupuis (and other local scenesters). WBUR recently featured the Boston-Northampton trio, Banditas (Bunny's A Swine member, Candace Clement, pounds the skins here), and shot some great footage of the band playing "Cat In Your Tree" at the Elks Lodge in Cambridge. Northampton garage trio, Shangri Lips are releasing their debut record in October on the Hard To Kill label. Here's a live version of "How You Roll."

And the Kids are on the brink of breaking to a wider audience and their single, "Tonka Truck," is a romp. Don't call them riot grrrls, but Potty Mouth sure rock in "The Spins." This summer you couldn't escape Speedy Ortiz's Major Arcana, so here's a cool live performance on KEXP.

Keep on rockin', ladies!

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