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Vallejo TGIF: Playwright Stephen Poliakoff's 'City Sugar' at Mira Theatre

Performances:  July 18-18 2014
Performances: July 18-18 2014
Christina Arriola

Welcome to the latest edition of Vallejo T(hank) G(od) I(t's) F(riday)! This is the series where we celebrate the end of the week.

What's your pleasure as you anticipate this coming weekend? If you are in the mood for an intimate theatre experience, you may want to look no further than Vallejo where you can catch playwright Stephen Poliakoff's 'City Sugar' for two nights only in July, (Friday July 18 and Saturday July 19) at Vallejo-based Mira Theatre Guild's Black Box Theatre. Billed as a "black comedy", this drama, directed by Christina Arriola, features Eric Keilholtz as a disenchanted disc jockey in the British radio industry in the early 1980s.

The fun rachets up as jockey Leonard Brazil (played by Keilholtz) contends with the lunacy of the Leicester media industry as they pressure him to 'dumb-down ' his broadcasts to appeal to their 'average listener.' Brazil gets his revenge when he is told to run the Contest of the Century.

After a brief stint in academe (Cambridge), Poliakoff worked for the BBC as well as in film. He prefers using the "telly" to communicate his special brand of irony. The cast also includes Susan Duncan (as Rex, the sound engineer), L-R Meri Kemp and Amalia Keilholtz.

City Sugar will also play at the Mira during these August dates: 1, 2, and 9.

Mira Theatre Guild, 51 Daniels St., Vallejo, 707.561.6489

Purchase tickets at the door or at Brown Paper Tickets

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