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Vallejo summer chill out: Suisun City waterfront rollerblading

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Welcome to our latest installment of Vallejo summer chill out: Where we share how folks are beating the Vallejo heat this summer.

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Suisun City waterfront rollerblading

We've already explored the Carquinez Straits, Cunningham Pool, and Vacaville Ice Sports. Now we travel just a little bit further to share the attractions of the Suisun City waterfront. As our slide show (to the left of this text) points out, there's much to love about this area of Solano County. While there have been some favorable renovations, downtown Suisun still has that sleepy small-city ambiance that is really rare to find. There have been a few cities in northern California that have, in the rush to gentrify, tried to emulate its ambiance. But have come up short.

To fisherpeople, Suisun has long been synonymous with great fishing. It's still true. But on this page we want to highlight another great feature of this area: A very long stretch of rollerblade-grade sidewalk. It extends from the lighthouse and wraps around the entire marina. The views change considerably as you blade, and you will be sharing the surface with cyclists, joggers and folks out for a stroll. It's also a favorite destination for dog-walkers. So you need to stay alert. The great news is that there's plenty of room for everyone.

Sharing the hawk with Chicago

You will also need to contend with the wind. It can get very gnarly here-especially during the summer. If the weather gets a bit much for you, there are a number of great restaurants on the waterfront where you can stop for a bite. And benches where you can rest your legs and people-watch to your heart's content.

To see a panoramic view of the waterfront rollerblading patch, watch our video. It was shot a little earlier this summer on a Sunday afternoon while Suisun's Waterfront Jazz Series was in full swing.