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Vallejo Rising: Take these unprecedented opportunities to influence our future

The winds of change are swirling around this seaport
The winds of change are swirling around this seaport
Randall Sexton

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know we love to run series - Living Sustainably, Vallejo Hometown Advantage, Connecting the Dots, Our Laws_Your Life, 90 Minutes of Separation, Participatory Budgeting 101, The Ways We Work, Vallejo TGIF and Pause for a Cause. Over the last five years, we have grown all of these series based on what we see are the forces shaping Vallejo now and influencing its future.

In this posting we recognize a force that calls out for a new series: Vallejo Rising.

Whether you are a new or a long-time Vallejoan, it is increasingly harder to live in this city without sensing that change is in the air. PBVallejo-2013, by most accounts, has been a very powerful movement on several levels. It brought unprecedented positive press coverage to Vallejo at a time when the city continued to be weighed down by publicity almost totally limited to its bankruptcy proceedings. It attracted an outpouring of citizen participation unmatched even by such veteran PB success stories as Chicago's 49th Ward. And it is now entering another exciting phase as the twelve funded projects move along on their timelines to completion.

Resident communication tools, such as Open City Hall, SeeClickFix, NextDoor and a beefed-up city website are giving Vallejoans powerful options for not only keeping current about scheduled city events but also being able quickly to report issues and connect with their neighbors.

As the 1stQ2014 comes to a close, three very important initiatives are unfolding: PBVallejo-2014 has begun Its initial phase, gathering resident input during a series of public sessions (assemblies) that are underway throughout March. (See the schedule here). Also scheduled this month are four community workshops that are the keystone of the Vallejo Planning Initiatives Project (See the schedule here). This Project will use the workshop feedback that residents offer (about their priorities, concerns and hopes) to build a very concrete vision about how Vallejoans would like to see their city develop. This is not an academic exercise because this feedback will directly affect revisions to the city's General Plan - the blueprint that city staff use to communicate priorities and plan for the future. This Plan has not been revised in over a decade.

(Full disclosure: Patricia Kutza, editor of this blog, is an 'at-large' delegate for the General Plan Working Group).

You'll want to bookmark these sites: PBVallejo-2014 - Vallejo Planning Initiatives Project

And we hope you will want to continue to follow Vallejo Rising. (Click Subscribe above and you will receive free alerts every time we publish new content). Let's take this exciting journey together.

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