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'Vallejo Hometown Advantage': Local Comcast hero Enrique Tobola

His  heroism was recently recognized by the Vallejo City Council
Enrique Tobola

Welcome to the latest edition of Vallejo Hometown Advantage.

Today we turn our spotlight on Vallejo resident Enrique Tobola who was recently recognized by the Vallejo City Council for demonstrating leadership and heroism on the job. Tobola, a field technician for Comcast California, was scheduled to make a service visit when he noticed that his customer wasn't responding to his attempts to contact her. After several failed attempts, Tobola contacted a dispatcher and discovered that the customer had fallen, and frightened with no one to call.

Tobola worked with the dispatcher and with an ambulance en transit, reassured the woman that he would stay with her until the paramedics came, comforting her through the door.

Enrique Tobola is a twenty-seven year veteran of Comcast and has lived in Vallejo since 1987. A graduate of the Phoenix Institute of Technology (Phoenix, Arizona), he is married and has one son in the Navy, stationed in Bahrain.

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