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Valerie Moore Story Recap

Valerie Moore
Valerie Moore
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Valerie Moore Story
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Michael Jackson said it best "Don't stop till you get enough." and Valerie is hanging on to her music idol's words while powering through her workouts. Determination to not look back; only towards a healthier day has helped Valerie put one foot in front of the other. Four weeks have passed by since starting a health and fitness program. Her steps are gaining momentum, force, and certainty. They are looking more and more like a march towards her goal.

The Girl
In the first article covering Valerie Moore and her LIFE Fitness Group, Valerie explains her dissatisfaction with the way her dreams are being put on the back burner because of her lack of healthy living.  Valerie explains, "God has put a dream in my heart for me to teach and hold a Dance/Drama Worship Team for our church. I have known for quite awhile that this is something I should be doing...but I cannot do this with excellence as He requires…How can I do this if I am out of shape?"

We've all had these hurdles to overcome but, how much higher do these seem to appear before we walk right up to them and realize: all we had to do was push them down to get to the other side.

Pushing Through the Moment
Four weeks after starting, Valerie Moore has lost 8 lbs of fat. Her gut instincts wanting a change are not the end. She is holding on to the hope she has, knowing the promise God gave her.

This Life group is an Army of 1

The LIFE Fitness Group, formed by Valerie Moore, has pressed on for a solid month now. Meeting in their LIFE Fellowship Church in Allen, Tx. They have not only seen the fruits of their labor with weight and inches lost, they have gained perspective and unity making a God led family of fitness.

The LIFE Fitness girls have a Facebook page making a perfect outlet for questions and comments that pop right from the mind to the keyboard. You can see:
The common questions:
"How do you eat when you just don't feel hungry?"-Judy
The quirky questions:
"omgoodness!!! jaiya, what did you do to me today??? i had to take advil. i know, i know, pathetic. but i am soooo sore!!!!"-Dezra
The Uplifting comments:
"Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion."-Tina


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