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Valerie Moore Story

BEFORE PICTURE taken at 170 lbs.
BEFORE PICTURE taken at 170 lbs.
LIFE Fitness Group has helped Valerie Moore achieve a healthy lifestyle.
LIFE Fitness Group has helped Valerie Moore achieve a healthy lifestyle.
Life Fellowship Church Allen, TX
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"Pain is weakness leaving the body!" That is something you will hear while running warm up laps around the Life Fellowship Church in Allen, TX.

They call themselves the LIFE Fitness Group. As part of a New Year's resolution they have been meeting since January 10, every Sunday to get the holy-no pun intended-snot kicked out of them by their personal trainer, Jayia Pauza. It all started with a girl, her beliefs, and her gut.

The Girl
Valerie Moore has been married to John Moore for 20 years and they have raised four incredible children together. Valerie remembers when they first met, "He says it was my vibrant personality when I was on the dance floor that attracted him to me. I guess I was doing the Helen Keller and talking with my hips on the dance floor! I can't remember the last time we danced but I know now I could probably last for only a couple of songs...and not for hours and hours like we used to! Dancing is a great cardio workout...little did I know then."

Like any other mom raising up a household and holding down a job, her life is constantly busy. Valerie is an intensely passionate worker for her causes and as a former Army member; she tries, To Be All That You Can Be.

Her Beliefs
Valerie Moore has been an actively involved member at Life Fellowship Church in Allen, Tx for 7 years now. Life Fellowship Church has begun to answer the call of help coming from Swaziland Africa-setting up fundraisers and mission trips. Valerie, who has been to Africa 3 times, recently took up a second job selling Scentsy products.  Through her online website named Scents for Swaziland she raises money for orphans and families in Swaziland Africa. From a snapshot while working on her last mission trip to Africa Valerie had a visual revelation "This is me in Swaziland November 2009. Thanks to Malinda for snapping this wonderful shot!! I now have it as a reminder to light a fire under my (blessed assurance) to get motivated to work-out so I become healthy and fit!!" exclaims Valerie.

Valerie explains, "God has put a dream in my heart for me to teach and hold a Dance/Drama Worship Team for our church. I have known for quite awhile that this is something I should be doing...but I cannot do this with excellence as He requires (I Cor 15:58) if I am out of shape and always out of breath. I do believe this hinders my capacity to minister through dance. My body is the Temple of the Most High God (I Cor 6:19) and if I am to use it as a living sacrifice, Holy and acceptable to Him, (Romans 12:1) how can I do this overweight and out of shape?

Also, for our 20th Year Anniversary, Jonathan and I hope to go on a cruise to Mexico and I WILL NOT be on a beach again regretting how overweight I am that I can't even take a run on the beach or play beach volleyball! And to be honest...I don't want to envy those cute fit girls laying out enjoying the sun! NOT AGAIN!"

Her Gut
After venting her gut reaction from that truth-be-told picture to ladies of her church, she realized she wasn't the only one in an unhealthy boat. With her passionate spirit she organized a way to help change the unfit lives of others in her church as well.

The first LIFE Group training session started January 10, 2010. One week later she had lost 5 lbs! She has lost lbs and has gained valuable knowledge on how to start living a healthy lifestyle.

Plan of Action
Every Sunday the group meets for a 45 minute resistance training session and then they receive their weekly workout agenda. The LIFE Fitness Group girls hold each other accountable with the help of their own Facebook page where they answer each others queries, give motivation, and commiserate over sore muscles from last weeks' training session. Their personal trainer Jayia Pauza sends them helpful information from her articles and keeps close contact via e mail with customized goal calorie menus and recipes, healthy living tips and one-on-one support.

Lessons Learned
Valerie learned, "I really didn't even fathom how much junk crossed my lips until I started logging it in. Before writing it down, I wouldn't even be hungry and I would still eat because I wasn't considering the bad habit of just eating to eat, but also didn't care about the calories. It has been so helpful logging everything in...even if I am over the counts it lets me at least recognize it and STOP!! I AM IN CONTROL."

I have changed my eating habits and I have seen it trickle down to my kids. They are getting more conscientious about what they eat because they are seeing me do it. It may be affecting me personally but it also affects those around me...good AND bad."

"I have to have a daily plan of action with whatever my goals are or else they will drop off my radar!! Knowing that I am accountable to this group of ladies helps me tremendously stay motivated...I don't want to let them down by letting myself down. I can hope and wish all day long that I want to weigh 40 lbs lighter in May, but until I eat right, work out, DAILY...I will never get there!! Same with my Bible reading and wanting to get closer to God, He requires a RELATIONSHIP...I can't be in and intimate relationship with someone if I never talk to them or spend time with requires a DAILY sacrifice and commitment!"

LIFE Fitness- the Group's Name Speaks for itself
This is more than getting toned up, this is about LIVING the way God has intended us to live. Not with pain, fear, guilt, and revulsion. But, in joy, love, and service-All for HIM. And so, dear brothers and sisters,[a] I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice-the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him.[b] Romans 12:1 (New Living Translation)

While marching toward sucess everyday, Valerie Moore's personal goal is to get back to 135 lbs (Her G.I. Jane Army body).  She is in the prime of her life spiritually, physically, and mentally to complete her LIFE Fitness mission.
Hooah (pronounced / 'hu:, a :/) is a slang pronunciation for the correct spelling of Ooh-Rah U.S. Army battle cry. It is used[1] by US Army soldiers "Referring to or meaning anything and everything except no."[ 

Info:  If you seek one-on-one personal training or want to start your own LIFE Fitness Group please contact Jayia Pauza at :


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