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Valerie Harper sued: Broadway producer sues for $2M for cancer diagnosis

Valie Harper is being sued by Broadway production over hiding cancer return.
Photo by Monica Schipper

Valerie Harper has now been sued by the Broadway producer she was working with when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. She was forced to leave the production of "Looped." She was appearing in the play at the time of the diagnosis, and her departure caused huge problems for the production. It took some time for the producers to find a replacement for her role. On April 27, New York Daily News reported on the lawsuit.

Why is Valerie Harper being sued? Matthew Lombardo is suing the actress for not informing those involved with the production that her cancer had returned. It was only after the actress had problems with slurred speech and forgetting her lines on stage that she went to the doctor when the producers requested she visit one. It was then that it was discovered that the actress' cancer had spread from her lungs to her brain.

Stephanie Powers stepped into the role that Harper was forced to vacate, but it did take time for her to join the production. "Looped" is the name of the play, and the producers behind the play say $500,000 was lost because of Harper's quick departure. Lombardo and the producers have added $1.5 million to that number because of Harper's withholding of her cancer diagnosis. Lombardo filed the lawsuit in response to a lawsuit filed by Harper. He has not paid her the rest of her salary for the play.

What do you think of this lawsuit? Is it right for Valerie Harper to be sued for her cancer diagnosis? Do the producers deserve the large sum they are suing her for?

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