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Valerie Harper sued Broadway producer: He is upset she got cancer

Valerie Harper
Photo by Monica Schipper

Valerie Harper is being sued by a Broadway producer in shocking news. On Sunday, TMZ shared the news that Matthew Lombardo is trying to get $2 million from Valerie because she ended up with cancer and he had to replace her on his show.

The actress had cancer that ended up in her brain. He says that she tried to hide it so she could keep her job on the Broadway play "Looped." It was ended up being so bad that she had to quit which means he had to replace her. This happened and he says it cost him $500,000, but he wants $2 million for it.

He said that she was forgetting her lines and also slurring her speech some. This is when he helped get her to go to the doctor. Harper found out she had cancer that had spread to her brain.

It is shocking that Valerie Harper would get sued by anyone but especially because she had cancer. It will be great to see what happens on this case, but fans will be shocked if Matthew Lombardo can win this lawsuit.

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