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Valerie Harper sued Broadway producer: Harper sued after 'lying' about cancer?

Valerie Harper
Photo by Monica Schipper

Valerie Harper is being sued by Broadway producers and playwright Matthew Lombardo after she allegedly neglected to tell them that her cancer had returned back in 2012. According to Showbiz Spy, Harper purposely didn't tell the producers of "Looped" that her cancer had returned and now she's facing a $2 million lawsuit.

"According to the lawsuit, Harper kept her cancer under wraps because she wanted to keep her job, but she couldn’t keep her condition quiet when she began to forget her lines and slur her speech during rehearsals," reports Showbiz Spy. The actress and former "DWTS" contestant was forced to quit the show, leaving producers scrambling to find a replacement.

Valerie Harper is being sued by the Broadway producer because he says that she cost him a lot of money -- specifically $500,000. He wants an additional $1.5 million to "punish" the actress according to the report. Interestingly enough, the lawsuit filed by Lombardo is in response to a lawsuit filed by Harper who complained that she didn't get paid the rest of the money according to her contract -- after she dropped out of the show.

At this point in time, Harper is said to be doing well. Despite being told that she was living on borrowed time, Harper is living her life regardless of her health issues and moving forward day by day.

Valerie Harper sued Broadway producer Lombardo first but it's unknown if Lombardo had been planning on suing her or if he only filed his lawsuit because of hers. Who do you think will win in this case?

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