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Valerie Bertinelli on weight gain: At first she panicked, but now she's fine

Valerie Bertinelli’s weight gain is the buzz online especially since she did such a great job on the Jenny Craig diet when she was their spokesperson. Does this mean that Bertinelli’s weight loss was just for the sake of the Jenny Craig commercials and big bucks? No, not at all.

Valerie Bertinelli put on some pounds, but there's no shame in that, says the 53-year-old.
Getty Images

According to ABC News on April 4, Bertinelli gained the weight back after she broke her foot and couldn’t work out for three months. She also said that at 53, she shouldn’t need to feel shame when she puts a few pounds on.

When she noticed the weight slowly returning, she panicked, but that soon subsided when she rationalized that there’s nothing to panic about. Above all, this is her body and she isn’t going to be shamed into feeling guilty!

Bertinelli also gives a shout out to the women out there who she feels should stand behind one another and not pull another women apart verbally who puts on some weight.

As far as the weight coming off again, Valerie is already back at the gym, but she isn’t going to starve herself. She likes to eat and she plans on eating!

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