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Valerie Bertinelli is feeling 'the shame'

Valerie Bertinelli is feeling the shame of gaining weight.
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Valerie Bertinelli, star of “Hot in Cleveland” along with Betty White, is now feeling “the shame” after breaking her foot. The Jenny Craig spokeswoman has gained back some of the weight lost. According to an April 4 report by WebPro News, Valerie Bertinelli was not able to go to the gym so she put on a few pounds.

Bertinelli didn't disclose the exact amount of weight she has gained back, causing her to feel the shame. She had lost 40 pounds. That was when she became the spokeswoman for Jenny Craig.

Valerie Bertinelli went on “The Talk” and spoke about her recent weight gain. She explained how her doctor did not want her going to the gym to work out due to her broken foot. Fortunately, her doctor has now released her to start exercising again.

“Why do I feel so much shame?” Valerie Bertinelli asked.

The “Hot in Cleveland” star went to say that people who gain weight after weight loss need to “take the shame out of it.” She thinks that is especially true of women.

Seeing that her doctor has given permission to start exercising again, Valerie Bertinelli “ready to go.” It appears that she will continue to speak out against the “unnecessary attention” on a woman's weight.

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