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Valentione's Day; a valentine's celebration in Final Fantasy XIV

Rewards lovers can share in not only adventures to acquire...
Rewards lovers can share in not only adventures to acquire...
Square Enix & Final Fantasy XIV

Lovers within Eorzea prepare, there's a Valentine's event going live February 4, 2014 and those with valentines playing alongside them will not want to miss out. For the official announcement from the lodestone look here.

The event is scheduled to last from Tuesday February 4 at 12:00am and continue running until February 17 at 6:59am (PST), and once ended the quests will be unable to be completed. While no real details are posted regarding each quest, typical event practices ensure that so long as players have reached a minimum level of 15 odds are good they can see them through. The event quest begins from Limsa Lominsa and the link above even shows exactly where to find Larsonient who will be handing it out.

While the first items visible as rewards are simple outfits unlikely to be seen much while adventuring, the clothing is probably the minimal point of intrigue for any lovers coupled within Eorzea. It's the prismatic heart reward which will be the official calling card of those that have seen these quests completed and wish to exhibit their passion for one another to the realm. The prismatic heart items will each create the imagery of one side of a heart, so as to illicit a full heart around the couples that pair them up.

True to the Final Fantasy genre, this realm recognizes our season here in the real-world but with its own flavor. Rather than Saint Valentine, this season within Eorzea recognizes the Countess Arabelle de Valentione; who forsook her life at court to seek out true love. While this countess is from the eras of Eorzea's past lady Lisette de Valentione may be seen in Limsa Lominsa during the event, her direct descendant seeking to kindle flames of romance & warm the hearts of all who yearn for the sweet embrace of true love.

Whether seeking an in-game love, or simply enjoying one; this event will likely entice and inspire players and participation thereof across the realms while active.