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Valentines for families to make

Valentine’s Day is a time for us to show love to family and friends. It’s a fun family activity to make and give valentine greetings. Just a bit of pretty papers, glue and a little imagination are all you need to make valentines for those extra-special people on your list.

Heat embossing is a classic technique that creates amazing results.
Heat embossing is a classic technique that creates amazing results.
R. R. Cratty & Public Domain
It’s a fun family activity to make and give valentine greetings.
R. R. Cratty & Public Domain


· Construction paper, tracing paper, tag board

· Stickers

· Greeting cards, envelopes

· Paper doilies

· Ribbons, yarn

· Glitter, crayons

· Silver and gold foil

· Glue, Scissors, Single-hole paper punch. Markers

Stitch a heart:

1. Make a heart-shape paper pattern from a 6-inch square of pink construction paper, tag board.

2. Cut out heart shape.

3. Using a single-hole paper punch, make holes around the edges of the heart. Try to keep the holes evenly spaced and the same distance from the edges.

4. Write your Valentine message in the middle of the heart. Decorate.

5. Begin “sewing the heart by pulling the yarn gently through the hole at the top of the heart. Leave about 6 inches to tie a bow. Pull it through the next hole to make a stich. Continue around the edge until you’ve reached the top. Tie the bow.

Animal Heart Shape Card

1. Pattern: Once you decide what animal you want your card start by drawing ½ of a heart, draw paws holding the heart then draw your animal. (Make sure your pattern is ½ (6x7 inch) the size you want your card.)

2. Fold the construction paper you are using for your card in ½ to form a 6x7 inch rectangle.

3. Cut out your animal pattern and place it with the heart on the folded paper, lining up the middle of the heart on the paper’s fold.

4. Trace around the animal and 1/2 shape.

5. Keeping the paper folded, cut out the card along the outline.

6. Open up the card, you now have two animals holding one heart, write your valentine message.

7. Finishing coloring the front of the card by adding a mouth, whiskers, ears and coloring the heart red.

Love Puzzle

1. On pink or red construction paper or poster board paper draw a large heart.

2. Write a love note or funny message on the front of the heart with marker. Decorate the edges and sign your name.

3. Turn the heart over and draw lines on the back with a pencil to look like a jigsaw puzzle.

4. Cut the heart into pieces along the lines you’ve drawn.

5. Put the pieces into an envelope and send them to your special someone to put the broken heart together and read your message.


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