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Valentines for Chicago history enthusiasts

Chicago history enthusiasts have many options for celebrating Valentine’s Day in Chicago. These options range from very expensive to inexpensive. You should do a little research. Let’s explore some possibilities.

Valentine's Day Treats
Photo by Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

If you want to spend the weekend in Chicago, you might reserve a room in a vintage hotel or a hotel in an old, historic building. There at least 30 hotels that fit this description. Some famous names are the Palmer House Hilton, Hilton Chicago, The Drake Hotel and The Public Chicago. The 26 other hotels have good reviews, also.

Dining in Chicago at famous, historic restaurants will add to your weekend experience. Most of the vintage hotels have restaurants equally historic and notable, especially The Pump Room and The Empire Room. Some other notable vintage restaurants include The Italian Village and The Berghoff. A little research will find other excellent restaurants that fit the historic category.

State Street and Michigan Avenue offer shopping and sightseeing opportunities. Opportunities to take great photos are everywhere. Nightclubs and theaters offer excellent entertainment. Museum Campus houses The Field Museum of Natural History and The Aquarium, and you might want to visit them. You may also want to book a tour to see Chicago when the weather improves.

If these choices don’t fit your budget, the gift of a coffee table book or a history of Chicago may delight your Valentine. Chicago’s bookstores have entire sections devoted to information about Chicago. You can browse these bookstores with your loved one, and purchase your selections.

Chicago and its fascinating history provide opportunities for those interested in the city to combine their study with Valentine’s Day in many enjoyable ways. Happy Valentine’s Day, Chicago history enthusiasts!

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