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Valentines day truth

Happy hearts on this special day
Happy hearts on this special day
photo by emily kirkendoll

It's that time of the year again. No, not Christmas or New Years but Valentines Day.  The number one loathed holiday by singles and penny pinching couples alike.  Every year brings new hopes for a budding romance or a deep love found in a partner of integrity, beauty and long lasting potential.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case for everyone. Infact if your relationship wasn't going anywhere, it probably recently ended.  Valentines Day is full of expensive gifts and dinners out. No matter how good you look or how great your sex life is, nobody puts new tires on a car with a seized engine. Nobody spends money on someone they are going to break up with anyway on such a big holiday.  When I say big, I mean over-inflated. 

The modern customs of Valentines Day that involve extraordinary feats of monetary ridiculousness may leave us feeling flattered but only until you look a little deeper.  It's been said that diamonds are a girls best friend but I know lots of people who can throw diamonds at a girl and not mean too much by it.  What I'm getting at is that, it really isn't that hard to buy someone a card and take them out to a nice meal. Provide a teddy bear, send some flowers to an  office and you've really sealed the deal. So what do these gifts that we give and receive really mean? Well, that depends on a few key factors.

If you get a dollar store teddy bear, a box of Christmas chocolates (all orange cream filled) and a half dead gas station rose, you may not be as deeply admired as you had hoped.  Not that you don't deserve to be of course. This holiday hits on the same day every year.  You've more than likely had it circled all month and commercials for it are on every media outlet.  There is no "forgetting' Valentines Day.  There is only ignoring it.  Take more appreciation from a handmade card or even a store bought one where honest time and thought have gone into the message inside of it.  Valentines Day isn't about how much you spend fellas'. It's about how much of what you're giving you actually mean.

Jewelry is ever popular on this pink and red holiday and there is nothing wrong with giving your special person some to show how much they mean.  Kansas City is full of fine jewelers who can offer assistance in picking out something beautiful for any price range. On the plaza there are a few places all within walking distance of each other where you can compare products. Make sure that whatever you give isn't easy to be misinterpreted.  If you've got the extra cash to give someone new in your life a pair of diamond earrings, be honest about their meaning. If love isn't what you're feeling yet, say " These are beautiful, just like you and I hope they show I like you and can't wait to keep getting to know you."  

Finally, don't get desperate this holiday. Give a gift that is truly from your heart and not just from your wallet.  If you're broke, try writing a poem. Sure it sounds cheesy and cliché but this isn't about what anyone else thinks. It's about pulling off a successful holiday without tears. Cook their favorite food if you're no poet and if you can't do either of those things, order out and bust out the nice disposable dishes.  A  4 dollar bottle of wine and a good movie can go along way when shared with the right person. Good luck and good love!

Keep an eye out for my next article just for the singles this holiday!

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