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Valentines Day Office Wars

Deluxe chocolates are eagerly awaited by many!
Deluxe chocolates are eagerly awaited by many!
Photo by Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

It’s that time of year again when the office goes crazy as some of your female coworkers are all atwitter over February 14th otherwise known as Valentine’s Day.

This is a day that women seem to place all of there, hopes, dreams, and aspirations as a measuring stick for the love their spouse or significant other feels for them. Why is Valentine’s Day so very important and what sparks the competitive nature within the gender of the opposite sex of your fellow coworkers?

Bragging rights! That’s right so that they can boast about having the largest bouquet of roses or specialty flowers. Or they are able to brag about the ginormous box of chocolates, or the hand dipped strawberries shipped overnight, or the flowery card and the expressive words of love written within. Yes fellas, women have egos too, and yes it can be based upon frivolous days such as this. Will he propose? How many carats? What type of stone? Is it princess, oval, emerald, or round cut etc. Did he propose by getting down on one knee? Yes all of those questions seem to swirl around some of the minds of females, all for this one day!

“I told my boyfriend he better have flowers delivered to my job” – Nancy 33, Nashville

Valentine’s Day can also place undo pressure on the men within the office, and at times helps other women in other offices, because as some men succumb to the pressures of this day, others remain convicted by their principle of a “no valentine’s day rule”.

“My wife and I never celebrated Valentine’s Day, but with the way my coworkers are acting, I feel compelled to send her flowers for the first time” – Michael, 47 - Baltimore

As The Dude (my love) said to me: “I show my love to you all year, and that one day should never matter to you as a measure of my love and affection, because it that is the case, we have a larger problem” and he is right.

The point is Valentine’s Day is all year! It could be breakfast in bed just because, to a special weekend get-away, or a quick text just to say “I’m thinking about you” are the type of little things that matter.

If your basing your husband, boyfriend, or lover’s love upon Valentine’s Day then your relationship has vast issues that Cupid cannot fix.

Sadly, many will ignore my words and eagerly anticipate the delivery man this Friday, while others will take heed and may be a giver to their mate rather than a selfish receiver.

Happy Valentine’s Day…enjoy!

Saundra aka SassyScribe

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