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Valentines Day Lobster Diving Adventure

You need a good eye to see the Spiny Lobsters. They are not pretty, but they do taste delicious.
You need a good eye to see the Spiny Lobsters. They are not pretty, but they do taste delicious.
Millis Keegan

There is so much anxiety surrounding Valentines Day, this almost-holiday created by Hallmark, that everyone loves to hate, hates to love. How to create that very special Date for your loved one? Here is a tip for the more creative and adventurous out there. For this one, you both need to be at least Open Water Scuba Divers.

Get a license for Florida salt-water fishing, take your sweetheart on a lobster diving trip, and then prepare that lobster for the most scrumptious and delicious dinner in the evening. If the luck is not with you, have a back-up plan; like keeping a spare lobster in the fridge, since part of the fun is to prepare the meal. Or keep the phone number to the neighborhood seafood restaurant in your cell phone for a pick-up dinner. 

Lobster season is between August 6 - March 31. There are three different lobsters in Florida waters, the Spiny lobster, the Slipper lobster and the Spanish lobster. They are all delicious. The only lobster affected by the season is the Spiny lobster. As long as you have a license and follow the law, you are good to go. You will find information about that, plus an application at

Equipment needed:
A lobster loop and a catch bag are necessary. These items can be found in Dive shops. Gloves are handy. Any yard gloves will do, but a pair with a rubbery grip might be more useful.

The Dive:
Most Dive boat operations will take you Lobster diving. is one of them. They are more than happy to give you instructions on how to use the equipment. It is always good to call ahead for booking.

For delicious recipes, try And don't forget the romance. Some candles and a nice table setting can do wonders.


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