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Valentine's Day ideas for her: Meaning of rose colors & inexpensive flowers

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Intro: If you're looking for Valentine's Day ideas for her, your special someone, it might help you to know the meaning of rose colors as you select beautiful roses for V-Day. Additionally, knowing where to order flowers for the holiday of love can help you save up to 50% on roses, which are typically two times more expensive on Valentine's Day than they are for the rest of the year. Thankfully, Amazon is partnering with to bring you a great sale.

You can also save additional money on Amazon's own Valentine's Day roses sale. Both offers make your job of choosing roses for your girlfriend or wife very, very easy, and in both cases because Amazon is the retail site curating the sale on flowers for V-Day, you know that you'll get your purchase quickly and safely.

But you better order fast. Most flowers must be ordered by the 12th to arrive by V-Day.

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The Meaning of Rose Colors Explained

I wrote in a previous article about the meanings of flowers and more specifically about what the colors of roses mean. Roses are a lovely gift for Valentine's Day and not just because they are beautiful. Their colors send a message to the person receiving them about our feelings about them.

For example

Red roses most often signify romantic love, and the rose coloring meaning in this case goes back centuries. Very often, red roses were used to decorate for weddings and marriage ceremonies. They have a primal connotation that symbolizes love.

Pink roses mean appreciation and gratitude and light pink roses also mean sympathy, so if you're sending roses to someone who is bereaved, think about the gentle light pink rose as an option.

Purple or lavender roses mean love at first sight. Purple is also the color of royalty, so sending a bouquet of roses in shades of purple brings a bit of the palace to your abode.

Other rose color meanings are significant as well. The white rose meaning stands for purity and are often the flower of choice for weddings for this reason.

I chose to highlight these rose color meanings, because they are most specifically associated with Valentine's Day. However, if you'd like to read more about them, you can take a more in depth look at the meaning of rose colors here.

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her ~ Finding Valentine's Day Flowers

The reason that beautiful roses cost more on Valentine's Day has to do with simple supply and demand. More people want them compared to the number of suppliers.

While you might be on a budget, it doesn't mean that you want to give up on the idea of finding romantic ideas for her this Valentine's Day.

You can find cheap Valentine's Day flowers by going to places like Costco or other wholesale clubs and arranging the flowers yourself. However, it isn't likely that you have the time to do that.

A second option that will net you a beautiful bouquet of flowers to gift to your Valentine is to order them online through Amazon. Right now, Amazon is running a special with You can save up to 50% on Valentine's Day flowers.

As advertised, you can spend between $15 and $30 on flowers on this. You can add it to your romantic ideas for her on Valentine's Day without breaking your budget.

To order a great Valentine's Day gift for her, go to this link on Amazon. Just look for the picture of beautiful roses at the top.

More Deals on Valentine's Day Roses for Her

Additionally, Amazon is having its own sale on Valentine's Day roses in a variety of bouquet styles that come in the $30 to $60 range.

These floral arrangement come in different rose colors and many of them have vases, making your job of finding the perfect bouquet easy peasey.

The site also includes lovely color photographs of the roses and flowers to give you a good idea of what the floral arrangement will look like. This really simplifies the shopping process for you, because you can choose the bouquet of roses that catches your eye on the main page. The photos are very clear and lovely.

You have until Feb. 12th to order if you want the flowers to arrive by Valentine's Day.

Order Amazon's special Valentine's Day roses by going to this link.

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