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Valentines day gifts from the heart; online

With the most romantic day of the year coming up tomorrow, whether it will be your first date or your 50th year of marriage, resources online can certainly help you impress that special loved one with simple gifts such as gift cards or more elaborate ones such as trips and more. You can even design a card that they will always cherish as well.

Wikipedia tells us that the origins stem from liturgical celebrations of one or more early Saints named Valentinus. It is further said that Geoffrey Chaucer was the one that first associated this holiday as one of love and romance. From this inception, flowers and greetings were commonly given to those enamored.

That being said, and knowing well and good that this is the 21st and not the 15th century, gifts come in the shape of plastic or e-giftcards. Flowers while still gifted may be looked as a waste as thy wither and die within days. Chocolate goes bad.

Where can the modern male or female suitor get his or her love the gift to end all gifts? There is a special place called the internet.

Below you will find a list of great e-card and print your own card sites, as well as e-gift card and e-certificates for an even broader range of “nicities”.

Gift Cards that can satisfy any taste, include;

For women, you can please them with gifts from any of the following

For men, whether he is a sports fan, couch potato or something in the middle, these sites are sure to please;

So now you have the perfect gift, it is time to make the perfect card. It may be easier to run to the corner store and get a premade commercial card, however, there is not much room to put your own thoughts. So why not make your own. There are several sites that offer free e-cards and print your own (after design).

Be gone now. Buy, print and give. No matter who they are, what they want or how hard they are to please, these tips should get a twinkle in someone’s eye, and a kiss.

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