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Valentine's Day gift idea: Pretty jar of romantic quotes and sayings about love

Intro: Need a Valentine's Day gift idea for your love? Why not give them 31 days of romantic quotes and sayings about love? The pretty jar in the picture is filled with messages of love that your significant other can open up everyday and think of you. Giving this jar of love quotes and sayings as a gift is like giving your sweet a month of happy Valentine's Day cards.

Valentines Day gift idea: Pretty jar of romantic quotes and sayings about love

Need Other Great Valentine's Day Ideas?

Why Give Inspiring Quotes About Love as a Gift?

Would a rose by any other name still smell as sweet?

If you instantly recognized this Shakespearean love quote from "Romeo and Juliet," chances are you are a lover of romantic quotes and sayings. And chances are also that you remember, because this love quote is, well, memorable and one of the most famous love quotes in the world.

One of the things that I like about including Valentine love quotes in my V-Day cards and greetings is that I get to tap into the ideas of some of the greatest minds that ever lived and share their thoughts about love and why it's so important.

Although I'm a writer and could probably make up some sweet love quotes and sayings on my own, somehow it just feels right extending love quotes by the likes of Shakespeare, Keats and others. It's as if I'm tapping into a thought grander than myself, which is the whole purpose behind all the romantic Valentine ideas that we come up with anyway.

About the Jar of Romantic Quotes and Sayings About Love:

This idea brings back the days when people still sent romantic letters to their intended. The jar is decorated with ribbons and filled with messages that include special love quotes and thoughts about amore stuffed in mini-envelopes. There are 31 envelopes in all with the love sayings printed on special card stock paper.

The V-Day cards in jar can be ordered from Amazon; click on this link.

Other Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas:

Or if you're so inclined, you can make a homemade Valentine gift just like this.

You can fill your own jar with inspirational love sayings and quotes -- very much like you would a gratitude jar.

Valentine Love Quotes + Gratitude Jar Instruction Links

If you like this idea, below you'll find a link for instructions about how to make gratitude jars plus places where you can find inspirational love quotes and sayings.

This idea works well in journal form, too. Just select a pretty love journal and write out one sweet love quote at the top of each page of the journal.

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