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Valentines Day for One (Photos)

Valentines Day! The day of love. To the single individual it can be a day of sadness and solidarity. Changing that is within your reach. This year you can make Valentines Day a day of change, new and exciting activities, or a day to just take care of you. Every year couples go out of their way to pick that great trip, amazing gift, or special restaurant to make the day a day to remember. If you are alone and want something special for yourself, you might find the following activities a must.

Bowling with your single friends

1. Get a Massage

2. Treat yourself to a Mani-Pedi

3. Take a wine tasting trip with a girlfriend

4. Go shopping for a new outfit

5. Take a dance class

6. Try Zip-lining

7. Have a party and invite all of your single friends over to play beer pong

8. Karaoke with the girls can be a fun night out

9. Secret admirer gift exchange with friends

10. Bowling

Being single does not mean that you cant have a good time and enjoy a romantic day. So get out, try something new, and make this Valentines Day one to remember.


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