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Valentines Day for Homeschooled Kids

Valentine’s Day is a hard holiday for many homeschooled kids. They see the bright, shining valentines at every store. They see candies, and treats, and goodies…and they all come in huge multipacks that aren’t worthwhile to buy for a single family, unless you happen to have a Duggar-sized brood to share them between. Once again, homeschooled kids feel like they’re missing out—but they don’t have to. There are plenty of opportunities to share the valentine spirit with your homeschooled children, especially if you start early.

Let them create or purchase valentines for family members and friends. They can create them for each other; they can create them for you, and for their grandparents, and for their friends. There are likely plenty of people that your child loves who would be overjoyed to share a valentine or two with them.

Make your own party-worth treats. You may not often allow your children to have sugary treats, but Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that nearly demands it. Make a few fluffy treats with little or no nutritional value: pink lemonade or red punch (assuming that you don’t have food coloring issues at your house!); brownies; cookies with plenty of sprinkles on top. Then, let your kids dive in!

Show your love. Make sure each of your children feels special on Valentine’s Day by purchasing or making a special treat for each of them. This might be a stuffed animal, an anticipated book or movie, or a candy treat—whatever will appeal most to each of your children. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to be loving!

Make a few valentine’s decorations. If you’re the crafty type, you likely already have plenty of ideas for how to decorate for the holiday. Why not allow your kids to participate? There are plenty of handprint crafts they could participate in, as well as plenty of other opportunities for them to get involved.

Have a party. Invite your kids’ friends from church, sporting teams, or their homeschooling group. Invite family members. It doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day itself; you can have a party whenever it works for your kids! Better yet, push your Valentine’s celebration to the weekend and offer to keep a few of your friends’ kids while they go out. It’ll make everyone’s holiday!

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