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Valentines Day Extravagance in Montreal

Valentines day is upon us once again, and we are faced with that age old question…... Should this be the February 14th that I finally put my head in the oven? I hate to be so gender centric, but ladies this article is for you. Lets talk. Are you single? Are you sad about it? You have all this great lingerie and no one to see it but your cat and your creepy peeping Tom neighbour (who is actually beginning to look a little cute) ?

First of all, Stop crying, your mascara is running and your scaring the children. Second of all put down the pint of chunky monkey and slowly moonwalk away. You’re not helping your arteries or your thighs. Valentines day isn’t what it used to be. It’s not just for couples in the throes of passion and new Romance, It’s become somewhat of a fun and kitchy Hallmark Holiday that includes everyone.

Here are some V-day events happening in Montreal that will make even the most solemn of Wendy Whiners want to indulge in kisses; the Hershey’s variety that is.

1. Blue Light Burlesque Valentines day extravaganza.
Every month the Blue Light Burlesque troop puts on a scandalous and scantily clad show at Café Campus, (57 Rue Prince Arthur Est.) The Valentines day shows are by far the most extravagant and they should not be missed. Feb. 10 & 17, show starts at 8:00 to get your tickets log on to:

2. Valentines day show and Dance at Montreal’s “The Wheel Club”.
The Wheel club is a Montreal institution,(3373 Cavendish) and this Valentines day (Saturday February 13th to be precise) it will be transformed into a Heart pounding Rockabilly dance party. Featured bands include: The Hellbound Hepcats and the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. Be there or be square. For information call the Wheel club 514-489-3322.

3. Rouge Nail bar mani/pedi party.
Interested in something a little more…. low Key?? Why not round up the gals and book a mani/pedi party at Rouge Nail bar They have big screen T.V’s to keep you occupied while being pampered, an endless array of polish color choices, they serve champagne, and if your still not convinced they have their own nail polish line that is formaldehyde, and phthales free!!!

4. Mado Chante L’amour.
Finally, nothing says Valentines day quite like Drag Queens singing Love Songs. Montreal’s most beautiful and talented Drag Queen, Mado, is having a night filled with song and Love, and many combinations of the two. Thursday Feb 11th is the date. Go get a Heart On!! For information on the show please visit,

Finally to all you star crossed, unrequited, blind, crazy, heartbroken lovers; Have a stupendous Valentines day and spread the Love.


  • Dana Loo 5 years ago

    FANTASTIC ARTICLE...the writer is very witty and you feel as though you are talking to one of your friends!

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