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Valentines Day Candy Health Habits For Your Children

Valentines day is just around the corner and for many couples that means chocolate and sweet treats. But what about your family and children? Candy is all around this time of year which could make eating healthy a chore.

If you have young children and they enjoy candy, it is a good idea to talk to them before the holiday comes about setting rules. Sometimes children will eat too much candy, and this causes oral health problems.

To prevent your family and children from getting toothaches or cavities, practice these easy steps.

Set a Candy Limit
Many families will not regulate a child's eating habits, and when it comes to consuming sugar this can be an issue. They may eat too much sugar and get a toothache or headache.

A good habit is to establish with your family is to give your children a choice of one piece before they go to bed. By looking forward to a small treat, they may do chores and get ready for bed effortlessly.

Education Your Family
Sometimes children will get into things they are not suppose to. This includes food products and candy. If you let your entire family know where the holiday candy is and when to eat the food, it will help establish boundaries. If you hide the candy, and a child finds it, they could binge eat because of the the element of surprise.

Use Mouthwash
According to the American Dental Association, Mouthwash for kids will also help prevent tooth decay, which is why it is good to have it on hand. When you eat candy it can stick to your teeth and cause bacteria build up. Sometimes a bacteria buildup in your mouth will cause cavities and bad breath. "If you eat candy, the best thing to do is rinse your mouth out with water and use mouthwash," says Dr. Andrew Thompson a Dentist in Hillsboro.

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