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Valentines Day, 2nd Amendment style

Happy Valentines Day to my 2A supporters
Happy Valentines Day to my 2A supporters
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As most everyone knows, Valentines Day is coming up very soon. Those of you with a significant other will want to get them something special that exemplifies your love for them. Of course there are the usual, boring and thoughtless gifts, like flowers that wilt and die after a few days, or a box of chocolates that will disappear just as fast and have the potential to lead to a dreaded and avoidable conversation about weight. Then there are the sappy cards, childish stuffed teddy bears or footed pajamas, not to mention the lingerie that will most likely end up tucked away in a drawer, rarely if ever to be used.

Some or all of these things might just actually be the right gift for your significant other. But wouldn’t it be better if you showed your special person just how much you love and care for them with a more meaningful and significant gift? Nothing else says “I love you” and shows how much you care about their well-being and safety than providing them with the best tool to protect themselves from harm when you aren’t around. Guys, take your special lady to the gun shop and help her pick out something special. There are numerous makes and models of compact semi-auto pistols or snub-nosed revolvers that are perfectly and discreetly sized for your woman to carry. Girls, you can do the same with your man and help him get an everyday carry weapon that will help make sure he makes it home to you every night. They will be reminded of your love for them everyday when they attach it to their belt or slip it into their purse. You could also chip in together and get a shotgun or rifle with which to defend your home.

Perhaps your loved one already has a gun. Are they properly trained with it? Maybe you could enroll yourself and your significant other in a safety class or special defensive shooting course, or maybe you could just spend some time on the range together. A couple boxes of ammo would also make a nice gift for someone that already has a firearm.

What if your special person already has a gun, lots of ammo AND has training? A nice surprise might be to get them that new laser or flashlight for their piece they’ve been eyeing. A new holster would be a wonderful gift, but it would be wise to go shopping together for that, as all holsters are different and it is a good idea to try out several before choosing the one that fits the best.

Those of us that support and exercise our gun rights know that we live in a crazy and dangerous world. You care deeply for your loved one, and sometimes worry while they are gone, either going to and from work, or just out and about running errands. Wouldn’t you rest easier knowing that they were armed and prepared with the proper tools and training to protect themselves, should they unfortunately find themselves in a dangerous situation? This Valentines Day, show your significant other how much you care and that you want them to come home unharmed and in one piece. In the meantime, be safe, stay armed and carry on.

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