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Valentine's treats

One more day 'til the day to celebrate loved ones we cherish. Be sure to include the kids in your celebrations!

Start the day with a breakfast of heart-shaped items. Use heart-shaped cookie cutters for things like waffles, toast, eggs-- anything you can sink a shape into! See for a simple, "egg in a basket" recipe, and substitute a heart for the circle. 

If you're stuck inside and needing an indoor activity, try some peanut butter play dough (equal parts of peanut butter mixed with powdered milk, and add powdered sugar or cinnamon to taste) and pull out the cookie cutters for the kids to make their own heart-shape edibles!

Scan the cable and TV guides to see if there are any Valentine's specials on TV.  The classics are a good way for you to share what you saw as a child with your own kids.

If you're looking to take the kids out to eat with you, be mindful of busy meal times (after Church, etc.) to avoid long waits.  If possible, maybe call ahead to check the length of a wait or see if you can be put on a list. 


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