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Valentine's Scrooge Ideas

It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day! This day is dreaded by some, loved by some, and others just think it’s “blah”. Regardless if you are the scrooge of Valentine’s Day or the cherub, here are some ideas to get through the holiday happily.

Valentine’s Scrooge Ideas (Single)

1. Send flowers to a single friend. Who knows, it may spark something you didn’t know was there. But the real reason is to make them feel special which in turn will make you feel good.

2. Have a single’s dinner date. Grab all of your single friends and have a nice dinner. But keep it to even numbers so that you can take advantage of the “couple’s” pricing, and the “couple’s” perks.

3. Take the day to do whatever you want. Indulge in your every desire. Have a day at the spa, or play hooky from work. Whatever you want to do, give yourself permission to do it, and feel good about it.

4. The next day, go and get all of the marked down candy, and have an after Valentine’s Day bash! Invite everyone; single or not, and enjoy yourself for a quarter of the price.

Valentine’s Scrooge Ideas (In a relationship)

1. Do something unconventional – don’t recognize the day at all. Spend it like any other day, but on this day, cook your favorite meal together, cuddle on the couch watching an action flick, and fall asleep with a kiss and soft music playing in the background.

2. Challenge each other to write a love letter from the heart. Give yourselves an hour, and then read that love letter out loud to each other. No pressure though! Make it fun!

3. Send a pantygram. If you’re willing to take the risk, it’s not a bad idea to get the night preset with intentions of lots and lots of sex.

4. Send hidden kisses. Write several notes with sexy anecdotes, and chocolate kisses attached to them. Hide the notes in the car, their laptop bag, purse, etc. It’ll make her day!

The happy go lucky Valentiner’s out there already have a plan, and they’re set with dinner reservations, chocolates, and cool gifts to show their love. Just remember, it doesn’t have to be Valentines Day to show love and affection. Do it every day. Do it without spending your entire check. Most women just love knowing that they are appreciated and loved – without gifts.

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