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Valentine's Jewelry for YOUR Special Day

Rose Gold Calender Key Necklace, $65
Rose Gold Calender Key Necklace, $65

Sure jewelry is the go-to gift when it comes to Valentine's Day however when it comes to sentimental keepsakes there is one online destination all romantics should check out.

Not Just Any Old Day... It's Your Special Day®

What started out as a search on the internet has now become a thriving jewelry company. Whether it be February 14th or another special day you and your loved one cherish the pieces found online here could be the perfect end to that dilemma.

A key piece is the "Your Special Day, Rose Gold Calender Key Necklace" $65

  • Simply go online:
  • Pick your month
  • Pick your day
  • Pick from seventeen different crystals (which will be placed on your chosen date
  • Choose your chain or key ring option
  • Decide whether you want it engraved
  • Then click add to cart and you are done!

Definitely a piece of jewelry (love) that will be treasured for generations.

Happy Valentine's Day Readers!

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