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Valentine's Gifts for your baby and toddler

Valentine's Day gifts for your baby or toddler,d.eW0&psig=AF

Valentine's Day is next week and although many think of it as a hallmark holiday it is still a fun holiday to celebrate with your kids. You may be planning to spend your Valentine's night out to dinner with your husband or significant other but you can still make your child feel special on this special day for love.


If your child is under 1 year old you can buy them some kid friendly lollipops. For toddlers there is always boxes of chocolates with different Disney or other cartoon characters on them. These are fun for them, not only will they enjoy the chocolates but the boxes will make them excited as well!

Stuffed Animals

For toddlers and babies a stuffed animal is a great gift for Valentine's Day. From teddy bears to lions, there is all sorts of different cuddly animals to buy for them. Some have little sayings on them such as "I love you" or "stud muffin". Just depends on what you think your little one wants!


For your baby on Valentine's day you can buy them there favorite snack! Things like puffs and yogurt melts. If your interested in getting your child snacks for Valentines day or even for the week leading up to it there is snacks that are designed for Valentine's Day. Such as pretzels, fruit snacks and cheez-its.


Don't want to get them a Valentine's themed present? No problem! Just get them a toy that they've wanted. Something simple, not too extravagant is best.

I hope this will help you figure out what to get your little one for a simple yet fun holiday. Happy Valentine's Day!

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