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Valentine's Eyes Mesmerize

Whether it's a new romance or a relationship in need of romance, take these makeup tips into consideration when getting ready for your loved one this Valentine's Day.

There is a parody on Facebook of a girl wearing a ton of makeup. Her boyfriend states "you don't need makeup, you look better natural". The next picture shows her wearing makeup but the natural look we have come to love with nude eye colors and little bit of blush. Her guy says "See, told ya you would look better without any makeup". The last picture the girl is wearing no makeup and he says "Yikes are you feeling ok? You look sick." The lesson learned here is that less is more, but definitely some!

However, because it's Valentine's Day, it's okay to go a little outside of the box. Why not shy away from the black smoky eye and the au natural look. Why not make your eyes pop. After all, the eyes are the window to the soul. So trap your man in those eyes over a steamy candlelit dinner.

If you have brown eyes you have a lot to play with. Any warm color will make them stand out. If your eyes are green, play with a plum/eggplant color. Blue eyes really pop with bronze colors. My go-to eye shadow palette is the original Naked by Urban Decay. This palette has a couple of nude matte colors as well as many shimmery. It's perfect for every occasion.

Additionally, eyeliner application can be detrimental in making your eyes pop. My favorite one is Tarte's multiplEYE liquid in black. Liquid eyeliner is easier to build a thicker line without going too thick. It's also great for creating a cat eye or little wings. This eyeliner is liquid in a pen and the tip is like a very fine paint brush. In order to make your eyes pop, start with a very thin line towards the inside of your eye, and as you draw out make it thicker then square off the end. This gives different shape to your eyes and makes them look bigger.

Mascara- the “most girls can't live without item on a desert island”! You can't really go wrong as long as you pick a voluminous mascara to help lengthen and thicken your lashes to give them a dreamy look. My top picks are Big Fatty by Urban Decay, and They're Real by Benefit. When applying mascara on your top lashes, close your eyes as much as you can while still seeing and apply the mascara to the top of your lashes. After letting that dry for a few seconds open your eyes and apply the mascara regularly to the front of your lashes. This will thicken! I learned this trick working at Ulta and have done my eyelashes this way since then.

Now you have the perfect romancing eyes this Valentine’s day. Dreamy and eye popping.

As always, you are beautiful!

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