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Valentine's Day - Your Way: Kansas City area.

Which Urban Goddess are you?
Which Urban Goddess are you?
Melinda Casterline-Harms

Local artist and jewelry designer Melinda Casterline-Harms has created a collection of necklaces called Urban Goddess for the second annual TallulahBelle's and Ribbon of Worth Foundation co-hosted event on February 6th. She said, “Making a delicate ribbon the focus of a necklace lead me to choose strong, supporting elements such as metal, in the form of chains, to signify strength. Using hard, tough stones connects us to the earth and grounds us. Glass, with its sparkle, gives us permission to have some fun. And, Mother Of Pearl was created to protect soft things from the harsh, outside world. That made it a natural choice for me. In the end, the delicate ribbon turned out to be the strongest element. It holds all of the elements together.”

The 2014 Valentine’s Day – Your Way event is bigger and better this year but still focused on promoting and supporting the worth of women in the Kansas City area. TallulahBelle's store owner Melanie Coleman takes pride in having a unique venue where both local and national artisans show collections and have individual pieces on display. TallulahBelle’s is more like a gallery where customers can go home with the art on display. This Thursday evening the Urban Goddess collection will be displayed at an event where you can meet the artist and take home a touchstone of personal worth along with the complimentary story.

The story which comes with each Urban Goddess necklace (courtesy of Ribbon of Worth – see photo above for images of necklaces) – focuses on the inherent and unalterable worth of women. The opening paragraph of the story sets the tone for the necklace as a touchstone: She holds her head high today but not because it’s never been low. In the worst times of her life she discovered she had the power to raise herself back up. She found courage and strength within while she did the hard and sometimes lonely work to save herself from those she allowed to discourage, frighten, or devalue her. Her own sense of worth, a valued ribbon that winds its way through her heart and soul, kept her alive.

Ribbon of Worth Foundation is starting this year off with the event on February 6th, 5 – 8 pm at TallulahBelle's in Leawood, Kansas and has plans to continue supporting and promoting inherent worth throughout the year with a workshop series beginning in March 2014 on topics related to: Personal Resilience for Professional Balance.

The workshops are available for care-professionals such as counselors, social workers, nurses, teachers and staff at local non-profit organizations and can be set-up through Gina West: Community Out-Reach Director for Ribbon of Worth Foundation. We offer all the workshops free of charge and ask for-profit groups setting up a workshop to consider making a donation to Ribbon of Worth Foundation to pay this project forward. To set up a workshop write to Gina at

The foundation has focused on worth as a core human strength which is held in place by four pillars namely: Self-awareness, Self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence. Having more understanding of which pillar(s) in your life is damaged, falling or weakened can help you attend to re-balancing your worth through developing knowledge and skills in one or more areas which support worth.

Join us Thursday, February 6th from 5 - 8 pm at TallulahBelle's of Park Place, Leawood, KS. For a wonderful evening of embracing your worth through a ribbon, a story and a purpose.

Living for the love of it,

Dawna J. Grigsby

Ribbon of Worth Foundation in Kansas City

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