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Valentine’s Day Tips to Keep Intimacy & Sexuality Alive After / During Menopause

Natural Hormone Changes
During menopause, a woman's estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels drop. These hormones have been a function of women's reproductive cycles, sex drive, energy, development, and life sustaining changes all their lives. Hormones are chemical compounds produced by our glands and organs that control varied essential body functions. A decline of female hormone levels can lead to the loss of sexual desires and functions in about 20% of women, while 60% of other women, enjoy the loss of a menses cycle and the possibility of becoming pregnant.

Gestures of Love on Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day allow couples to give their love life, a stimulating boost, by spending intimate time together on a day that is designed just for that. Use gestures of love and support to please each other with little things that rekindle your love. Some Valentine's Day tips to keep intimacy and sexuality alive after or during menopause, can include:

  • Doing something different together that would be interesting or exciting. On Valentine's Day, take a drive to a town where you've never been. Park and walk around the town, hand in hand to discover each other and new adventures. Excitement forces the brain to release oxytocin, which is a chemical that gives us a feeling of love and that special twitter feeling.
  • Take an hour on Valentine's Day to do nothing but talk. Discuss where you are in your relationship, especially for menopausal women and what you still like about each other. Communicating like this allows couples to discover new insights into each other and a deeper, more intimate relationship is forged.
  • How about a do nothing day on February 14th. Spend the day lounging, sip some red wine in sexy boudoir clothing, and basking in each other's arms. Be as intimate as you want to be, especially in verbal communications.
  • Explore each other's erogenous zones like mature adults should. Don't forget the ears, feet, neck, and the G-spots that you both enjoyed before menopause and which is still enjoying during and after menopause.
  • Schedule an acupuncture session together. Acupuncture will be a benefit for both a menopausal woman and her partner. It is a method that has given hot flash relief to women during and after menopause. For men, it helped to provide extra energy where it counts.
  • Choose a romantic dinner location and devise a menu that is sensual and healthy for a menopausal woman. A menu that includes a small portion of grilled salmon or lobster, spinach or salad. Dark chocolate is healthier and better than milk chocolate, as well as red wine which contains anti-cancer chemicals and is a great anti-oxidant.

Valentine's Day Massage Oils
For the 20% of menopausal women who have low libido drive, there are any number of effective OTC water based lubricants and vaginal creams that help to fight dryness. Taking the stress off of intercourse as a part of sexual satisfaction, couples will find it more rewarding with attention on longer foreplay, as in massaging with oils that benefit menopausal women and other kinds of sexual arousals. Essential oils that are nicely scented can be used on women to help arouse their desire and to work on relieving night sweats, hot flashes, bloating and more. When used on men, it will help soften their skin. A few of the oils that can be massaged all over the body, including the front and back, head to toe, for both couples, include:

  • lavender
  • sage
  • lemon grass
  • peppermint
  • violet leaves
  • frankincense
  • coriander
  • seaweed
  • fennel

Valentine's Day Getaways
It’s not too late to plan a wonderful Valentine's Day getaway at a location that offers something you both would enjoy. Special romantic features can include a balcony with an exciting view, a whirlpool, spa treatments for both couples, an indoor Jacuzzi, and a rose pedal tub. While you both are away, surprise your partner with an inspiring gift that shows how much you love them, along with flowers, yes even for men.

Just A Little Attention on February 14th
What about renewing your wedding vows or start a togetherness vow occasion. Take time to write a personal homage to your significance other, expressing your love for them and the future that you two will continue to share. This is a perfect Valentine's Day gesture, especially for menopausal women who do not see themselves, as they did when they were younger. These gestures go toward making a woman going through menopause feel sexy, confident, and alive with renewed energy and a zest for living life.

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