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Valentine’s Day - The thought that counts

Chances are you’ve already bought the chocolate, some roses, and possibly jewelry, but what if you are like one of the 70% of people who are out of work or on limited income? What can you do for your special Valentine? Think from the heart and go straight to the stomach. Create an exceptional dinner and craft tags or little love notes that can describe your feelings and love for this awesome person. Remember love comes from the heart and not the pocket book or wallet. It doesn’t take much to craft a little card or note out of construction paper. Don’t forget that you can print out little love messages using your computer as well as inverting some sweet little pictures with them.
Here are some examples to show you how to create a few homemade cards from the heart.
1) Construction paper card – Get a piece of red construction paper and fold it in half and then another half. Following the pictures, you will see in the third picture that the front of the card has a torn piece (from tearing it out of the book), this is okay. Now we want to take a pair of scissors and trim the edges in the shape that you are looking for. Then the rest is all decoration and adding the words of sweetness that you want to get across.
2) You can download a free card template from Such as the example I am showing in the following pictures. Make sure you use the Word template to write what you want to say before printing it out; unless you want to hand write the message.
3) You can also take a picture or print one on-line (making sure you have the copy-free rights) and place it on the front of a piece of card stock and write a darling message inside for your lover. In this example I am using construction paper again. Fold the paper as in the instructions of example 1. I have printed out a cute picture of a teddy bear and glued it to the front of the card.
Now that we have the Valentine card done, we need to create that special dinner with little sweet note cards. Your little cards can be created by hand or by templates from Microsoft Office or
We will start this dinner with a favorite Italian meal; lasagna, salad, and garlic bread. These cards I am making are designed from the shapes area of Microsoft Word. All you will need to do is pick out the design you want and type your little message on it, print it, cut it out and place around the dish or above his or her plate.

This is how to create your own Valentines day cards for your loved one and messages for detailed dinner.
Georgina Jones
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