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Valentine's Day Specials: The Body

New York City Valentine's Day deals on Acupuncture and Yoga
New York City Valentine's Day deals on Acupuncture and Yoga
Meghan Covington, Mind Body Fitness

In keeping with my New York City Valentine's Day tradition of coming up with special deals for my readers, I am focusing this short piece on the body, getting sexy for Valentine's Day and for the entire month of February, and for the year. Let's make 2014, the year of the horse a good one.

Staying fit and healthy during the winter is almost more important as during the summer months. It's difficult for us New Yorkers to get out and get fit in this cold. Personally my big exercise is pushing my double stroller around with eighty pounds of two kids in it. So here are some unique ways to warm up for Valentine's Day and to stay fit all month long, and hopefully all year long.

Let's start with the inside. Are you eating the right kinds of foods?

As the famous proverb goes, you are what you eat, right? So let's fix what's not working. Stop going to Shake Shack!

How about starting the year off with a cleanse? I know this is a very "ordinary" response to the new year. Lots of people "cleanse." I think my husband is doing a juice cleanse right now. I've overheard mamas talking about a cleanse that has juices and shots that go with it. That just sounds terrible. I'm not a cleanse freak or an exercise guru or a zealot in any way. I don't profess to know what's best for you, but the one cleanse I've tried, I really like. My cleanse of preference: The Joulebody Cleanse. The owner of Joulebody, Yvette Rose was my neighbor three years ago. One afternoon, at the exact moment that I was considering "cleansing" for the first time, I happened to sit next to her at a cafe in Tribeca; we started chatting and the rest is history. I think I may have been one of her first customers three years ago, so I'm a big fan. These days her business is booming and the Joulebody cleanse is all the rage.

The JOULEBODY cleanse is amazing and I personally recommend it because I've seen results while doing it. I am far too wimpy (and poor) to try the 20 day cleanse where I might shed 10 or 20 pounds and lose inches off of my waist. But I have done the kick-starter three-day program which certainly flattens my tummy and puts me back on the right track as far as eating is concerned. The food in this program is terrific, real food with menu items such as soups, smoothies and even yummy desserts. Personally I don't think I could do a juice-only cleanse. The best part of Joulebody -- it's delivered to your door if you live in Manhattan. For the month of February you can get 10% off of your order when you use the code JOULE10.

Continuing with the body, how about a work out? Maybe a romantic yoga session for two?

Meghan Covington, owner of Mind Body Fitness is offering my readers 20% off in-home session for the month of February. I highly recommend Meghan and her company. She's been our trainer for three years now. She's professional and fun. I always look forward to our sessions.
All levels are welcome.
*Offer expires February 28th.

Let Acupuncture stoke your heart fire. Ayla Yavin is my favorite acupuncturist in Manhattan. Her offices are clean and inviting, romantic even. She is the best acupuncturist in the city in my opinion and I've been to a few. Ayla is offering my examiner readers a very special offer -- Until February 28th, you can book one heart opening acupuncture treatment for yourself, and receive one complementary acupuncture treatment to gift to someone you love (or to keep for yourself).

To book an appointment go directly to or call 917-331-2694.

When booking, make sure to mention that you read about the deal on this blog.

Finally, when you feel good about your body, inside and out, why not buy something sexy for you or for a friend?

Laina Jane, is my favorite lingerie store in the village. Located at 45 Christopher Street, between Waverly Pl & W4th Street. Laina Jane is offering my readers 10% off your entire purchase for the month of February. That's pretty sweet.

For other gift ideas, read my blog on jewels and gems. There are some great Valentine's Day Specials in there.

Don't forget the theater. I often write about new plays and exciting things going on around town. In my latest blog post I listed several shows opening this month that you should check out and there were deals for my readers, like 2 for 1 deals and even free plays. Gorky's "The Lower Depths" opens tonight at the Producers Club.

Perhaps the last thing you should do with your sweetheart (well, almost last) is get a glass of wine with some cheese. One of my favorite spots in the West Village for such an occasion is the magical Turks and Frogs at 323 W 11th Street. I see from their website that they have an $80 Valentine's Day special menu that includes champagne, wine, cheese and chocolate.

Have a great Valentine's Day everyone and stay warm.

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