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Valentine's Day sewing projects


Source: To Have and To Hold, Inc.

Happy Valentine's Day! Once the champagne is on ice, the fire is started, and the gifts are wrapped, it's time to talk about clothing and decor for Valentine's Day. Included are some simple ideas to add sensuality to any V-Day celebration.

Idea #1: Sensual pillows. Put the florals and everyday throw pillows away. Tonight is all about luxury. Use a material such as taffeta, satin, or velvet. Cut out a desired shape (a square is the easiest), and use a machine to stitch three of the sides (make sure the bad side of the fabric is facing out). Flip the pillow outward and fill with cotton batting. Using a matching thread and hand-stitch the open end. Add decorations (buttons, lace, etc.) as desired. Voila! A fabulous, easy craft that will last a while. Wikihow provides more detailed instructions if you are interested.

Idea #2a: Basic nightie. Nightgowns are hard to sew, but it is still possible to add a personal touch to something very simple. The first step is to find a simple nightgown in a fun to touch color and material. Although Valentine's is marked by pink and fire-engine red, make the occasion more grown-up by using rich colors, like burgundy and royal purple. Now it's time to personalize. Consider adding lace in a contrasting color, adding bows to the straps, or even embroidering your monogram onto it! The choices are endless. Long Island is freezing in the winter, so instead of going for flannel or sweats, consider using knee high stockings (sew lace or bows on if needed) to keep your feet and legs a little warmer.

Idea #2b: Advanced Nightgown. Warning: Do not attempt without advanced sewing skills. Measure the head circumference, bust, hip, and length from the nape of the neck to where the gown should end. Using an A-Line pattern, use 1/4 of the measurements (i.e. if your hip is 36", use 9") and create the pattern on dressmaker's paper. The edge of the paper should be the center of the garment. To create a neckline. Add 2" to the head circumference. Cut the pattern out and measure the width and length to determine yardage. Cotton is the easiest to sew, but is not at all sexy. Consider either a satin, which can be a pain to work with, or a synthetic that is nice to touch. Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut. Using a sewing machine. Use a zigzag seam across the shoulders and a whip stitch to hem the bottom. Use a zigzag stitch on the arm holes as well. To seal the neckline, fold the raw edges to the inside and hem using a whip stitch. Add embellishments as desired. I adapted the pattern from eHow, and while they recommend using nylon tricot, any flexible, sensual material can do.

Idea #3: Tie. Let's not forget about the gents on this special day! Find a great 60" wide silk perfect for making a tie. Ties are impossible to explain to make, so let's leave it to the more experienced tie makers over at eHow. Ties are not just great for Valentine's Day but for Father's Day, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.

These ideas hopefully will add a personalized flair to a great day. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


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