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Valentine's day (romance in)

Romance In
Romance In

Valentine's Day, the day of love, will be arriving soon.

Are you hoping for the usual-- roses, candy, dinner, and maybe a movie (LADIES)?

Indeed, gestures of love expressed through the gift of roses, candy, and a romantic night out at a favorite restaurant are thoughtful expressions of romantic love. But are the common Valentine's Day romantic gestures the only expressions of love and romance to be expected on Valentine's Day?

On this Valentine's Day, consider thinking outside of the box. You do not have to adorn yourself in your finest garments and celebrate the holiday among other couples in a restaurant. Valentine's Day can happen-- and it can be just as special-- in the comfort of your home.

Consider some "romance in" ideas from a few local couples.

  • "My husband picked up menus from a few restaurants a few days before Valentine's Day. On the day before, he asked me to select some of my favorite dishes from the menu. On Valentine's Day night, he surprised me, having prepared a variety of my favorite dishes, including my favorite dessert from a local restaurant."
  • "My wife and I had been trying to find time to pamper each other-- namely our feet. We never had time. Before Valentine's Day, we bought lots of foot pampering accessories to use with our foot bath. On Valentine's Day, we set up a mini spa in our home and ordered out."

On this Sunday, remember that romance that is simple can be just as romantic.


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