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Valentine's Day Rescue

Please help me!
Please help me!
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Sometimes it seems as though there are some people who need pressure to perform. Many of us have experienced having an exam to take the following morning knowing we had done very little preparation. For a few of us this is our standard modus operandi for life in general. We feel like we get our “best ideas” when the pressure is on. In other instances we desperately seek out last minute help.

Operator - Valentine’s Day Rescue: What’s your emergency?

David – I’ve got less than 48 hours to pull off a nice Valentine’s Day for my girl and I only have $100.

Operator – What’s your name?

David – David

Operator – Do me a favor David.

David – ugh?

Operator – Breathe

David – (Exhales)

Operator – That’s better. What city are you calling from?

David – I’m in Chicago

Operator – Great city. Do you and your girl live together?

David – Yes she does. I mean yes we do.

Operator – David, I want you to grab a pen and a piece of paper.

David - Okay, I have it.

Operator – The first thing I want you to do is go to Wal-Mart and purchase a vase. They’re about $5. Your next stop is Sam’s, Costco, or even your local grocer to purchase some flowers. They do not all have to be roses but should include some. You should be able to pick up a beautiful bunch for about $20. Are you with me so far?

David – Yes, I got it, Wal-Mart for the vase and grocery store for the flowers.

Operator – Good. The next place you want to head to is your nearest Dollar Tree Store. You will want to purchase a Valentine’s Day helium balloon or two. They are $1 each. While you’re there you can purchase greeting cards as well. They're two for one dollar. Get a serious one and a funny one. They sell small Valentine’s Day gift bags also for a dollar. Make sure you pick up one. Does your girlfriend have any favorite candy or junk food items she enjoys?

David – She loves Resse’s Peanut Butter Cups, caramel cream candy, potato chips, Hostess Zingers and......

Operator – David, that’s plenty to work with. I want you to pick up several small sizes of these items that will fit into the gift bag. You may have to go to a grocery store, drugstore, or liquor store to pick up some of these things in the event Dollar Tree does not have her favorite junk food items.

David - There’s a Walgreens right around the corner from my house.

Operator – Good! Now David, this next step is very important.

David – Okay

Operator – When you get home I want you to put it together, tie the balloon around the vase of flowers and hide everything in a safe place. During the wee hours of Valentine’s Day morning get up while your girl is asleep and place all these items nicely together on your bedroom dresser, or bathroom counter, or on the kitchen counter. You want it to be one of the first things she sees when she gets up in the morning. Quietly call her office phone number and leave her a voice mail professing your love and inform her that you’ve made dinner plans. Crawl back into bed. How does that sound?

David – It sounds great but isn’t it a little late to get dinner reservations at a nice place? Even if I could I won't have enough money left over.

Operator – Don’t worry about restaurant reservations David! You’re making dinner tonight!

David – I’m what?

Operator – That’s right! Do you and your girl like Italian?

David – Sure

Operator – On your way home from work stop by a Super Target or Super Wal-Mart and go to the frozen food section. Pick up two bags of frozen Bertolli meals which are about $7 each, a bottle of wine or champagne in the $8.99 to $10 range, garlic bread for about $2.99 and a small lemon bundt cake or whatever flavor you think she would enjoy. While you’re there check out the bargain DVD rack for an older romantic comedy DVD. They are usually around $5. Some good examples are “Something’s Gotta Give”, “Only You”, “Someone Like You”, “Love Actually” or Sandra Bullock’s “While You Were Sleeping” which was actually filmed around Chicago. After your candlelight dinner you can snuggle up and watch the movie. All totaled this should be right around your $100 limit.

David – Oh my god! That’s amazing! How can I thank you?

Operator – No worries. Just make sure you don’t wait until the last minute next year!

(Ring, ring, ring)

Operator – Valentine’s Day Rescue: What's your emergency?

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