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Valentine's Day presents you should skip

These presents should be filed under never for your S.O.

Everyone knows that it's the thought that counts. However, if what you've given is totally thoughtless, then maybe you should reassess and try again. Here's some gives, that you don't want to keep giving.

  • A ring: Don't give a ring that looks like an engagement ring to someone you don't want to marry. Now, if you're about to get on one knee and pronounce your l
  • A STI: Sure gonorrhea is the gift that keeps on giving, but come on people. Get thee to the clinic. If you're in Honolulu you can go here.
  • Sex tape from your last significant other: Just no. No. No. No.
  • A vacuum, blender or other house keeping item: Unless your S.O. has said something about wanting that for Valentine's Day, avoid it.
  • Something that you like: You know what I mean. Not a shared interest, but somethingthat your S.O. hates. Don't just give tickets to a basketball game that he would hate, because you want to go..and then call that a present. It's a present for yourself. Don't fall prey to this douche baggery.
  • Make your SO your in emergency contact number.This only works for Sheldon Cooper. You will go down in a blaze of horror from the fire shooting from her eyes.

So here some tips for ideas that you should totally, absolutely avoid. Stop by tomorrow for some tips on some bomb gifts. And don't forget to check my tips from yesterdays. And have you subscribed to here yet? You should. Things get interesting with sex and relationships in paradise.

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