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Valentine's Day in Paris is a dream come true

A general view of Paris' Eiffel Tower
A general view of Paris' Eiffel Tower
Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Paris, France, often referred to as the “City of Light,” is also regarded by many as the city of love. Those planning a Valentine's Day getaway probably desire a romantic setting for their encounter. However, deciding where to go and what to see may be a challenging task for certain travelers. The following tips will make the selection process a bit less daunting for most consumers:

Paris and romance go hand in hand. Paris is a lovely city and cannot be fully experienced in just one visit. It has stimulating characteristics, as well as quiet sophistication, and for this reason it is an ideal backdrop for a Valentine's Day celebration.

Getting around the city is not difficult. Romantic restaurants and cafes are quite plentiful, as well as affordable in most cases. The dining is extraordinary, even for those on a budget, and the history, attractions, and cultural activities associated with the city are too numerous to count.

An absolute must-see on a Valentine's getaway to Paris is the Arc de Triomphe. A visit to the top of this grand promenade makes a romantic impression in a way that is unrivaled by other points of interest in the world. The atmosphere, view, and history are just a few of the things that make it an outstanding attraction.

Probably the most famous tower in the world, just the sight of the Eiffel Tower when viewed for the first time is an overwhelming experience. It also offers an exceptional, panoramic view of Paris. It is a popular meeting place, and a reference location for the Left Bank.

The Champ de Mars–a wide lawn area located just southeast of the Eiffel Tower–is a charming location for a romantic lunch. Couples can then return in the evening to enjoy a view of the Paris sunset from the top of the tower. Many couples choose to stay long enough to see the structure lit up by the many floodlights that grace the area at night. A great location from which to view the tower from the ground is Trocadero Square. The square is just short walk northwest and across the Seine river.

A large part of the allure of a romantic Paris getaway is a candlelight dinner for two. The selection, presentation, and quality of the food is exceptional, and Paris restaurants are the best place in the world to experience true state of the art dining.

The Café du Marche, on the corner of rue Champs de Mars and Rue Cler, is the perfect establishment for such a dinner. It features a romantic ambiance and the servers are sociable and attentive. The tip of the Eiffel Tower can be seen from the restaurant's terrace.

Another ideal location for a romantic Valentine's day dinner in Paris is the Frédéric Simonin. Here, couples will find both modern and traditional cuisine, which is presented in high fashion by impeccably dressed servers. Art Deco-inspired décor adds to the ambiance and romantic atmosphere of this classic Paris restaurant. Regardless of a couple's individual goals for their getaway, they are not likely to forget a trip to this beautiful and intriguing city.