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Valentine's Day Mashup

Love means a lot of things. On Valentine's Day it is easy to get caught in the money making scheme. Here is a mash up of the true meaning of love.

Love is unexpected. You could fall in love with your best guy friend. The guy who you have been wishing for for years can ask you out. You can rekindle something with an ex. There could be a guy in your life who you can't stand and all of a sudden feelings start to develop. You could meet someone incredible on Valentine's Day itself.

Love is hard to find. There are a lot of guys out there who want one thing and one thing only. If you are looking for true love and not "easy" you know how hard it is to find love. Sometimes the hardest part is getting the person you love to love you back.

Love is exciting. You get the rush of excitement when you see that person. Just thinking about him gives you tingles all throughout your body. You can't stop smiling and you seem much happier since you got together with that special guy.

Love is when you and the other person could be yourself. There is no act of being someone you are not. You know that the other person will love you despite your flaws. You have that special someone in your life and you love them despite your flaws.

So this Valentine's Day think of love. Think of the person you love and know what love is. Love is something that is priceless.

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