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Valentine's Day Isn't Just for Couples

Flower bouquet
Flower bouquet
Johanna Namminga

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and singles everywhere are already dreading the day.  But for all the singles out there, take heart!  This year, make the day about friends and tell all of those happy couples to bugger off (Any couples and married folk reading this, don't mind).  The idea behind singles Valentine's is to go out with a group of close friends and to enjoy their company, almost like couples do during the day.  Friends can go for a dinner and a movie or choose some more creative activities to participate in.  All in all, singles should feel that they deserve to enjoy Valentine's Day just as much as singles.

  Girls, a suggestion would be to have a soothing spa day together with facials and manicures or pedicures.  Make sure to indulge and pamper and truly enjoy the day.  Then, perhaps dinner and a non-romantic movie with friends, because encouraging thoughts of romance and relationships on this day of all days is never a good idea.  Try setting up spa appointments at Ciao Bella and then going out to the Elephant Bar for dinner and cocktails.  The key is to talk about everything except guys, relationships, and the expectations that people have for marriage and kids. 

Ladies, good luck with celebrating Valentine's Day.  Don't forget, singles should have fun celebrating the day of love too.  Everyone has someone to love whether it's a best friend, mom, dad, significant other, son, daughter, or even a cat.