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Valentine's Day is special for Fiverr couple soon to be married

A couple is having success on
A couple is having success on

A truly inspiring story leading up to Valentine's Day involving a couple of entrepreneurs and the website
Tom and Susan are business partners, but they are much more than that. They will soon be life partners as a marriage is imminent.

Both are creative types and that is where comes into the story. Susan is a dance teacher at a public school in Brooklyn, and Tom is the web and new media manager at a performing arts theater in Midtown Manhattan. They also are a successful couple doing business under the name "Sucantare" on, the world's largest marketplace where you can get things done for as little as $5.

The loving couple realized they should combine their efforts and skills and double their productivity on Fiverr. They have been doing well. How well? Well, they are doing well enough to possibly fund the wedding of their dreams without draining their savings accounts, maxing out numerous credit cards, or looking to relatives for help.

Tom says the money has been great, but Fiverr has helped him grow.

"The real benefit is the opportunity to hone my skills. Dealing with dozens of different clients and countless projects per day is a priceless chance to exercise my passions, more so than the average freelancer who handles three or four clients a month at most. It has given me a well-rounded vocabulary and an in-depth understanding of various business verticals—everything from miniature doll houses to real estate agents. Nothing surprises me anymore."

And Fiverr can actually be a valuable tool to utilize when planning a wedding.

"Best of all is the opportunity to engage with all the fascinating, supportive and talented people we’ve met here on Fiverr," adds Tom. "It has become impossible for us to imagine a day where Fiverr isn't part of our daily life. We have even bookmarked several Fiverr Gigs that we plan to revisit when it’s time to get going on the details of the wedding. There are plenty of brilliant artists here on Fiverr, and I would have a hard time justifying looking anywhere else for invitations and other items we’ll need to complete the wedding of our dreams." really can make dreams come true. Whether you are an individual, small business, or a couple planning a wedding, Fiverr can make your life easier to navigate.

Or in Tom and Susan's case, it can be the perfect start to a new life.

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