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Valentine's Day ideas: Start your own tradition!

Heart Mosaic
Heart Mosaic (by cuorhome)

Are you absolutely annoyed by the tradition of Valentine's Day? Do you think it is wasteful to spend money on flowers that are going to die, chocolates that will be half eaten, and balloons that will eventually deflate within twelve hours? Then don’t be traditional. Do what you wouldn’t normally do.
There are advertisements everywhere attempting to convince you to choose their services for your Valentine. Choose your own service. Establish your own tradition.

Send a panty- gram: Maintain your sexy!
Surprise him with a selection from  Victoria's Secrets 7 sides of sexy lingerie inside a cute box with a simple message, and deliver it to him on his lunch break. It’s very simple. Drive up to his car. Place the beautifully decorated package on top of the roof. Text him and tell him to check his car. Sit back and watch your man open the box in confusion. Once he realizes he received a panty gram, all the confusion will go away and you have just scored a win.

Hang out!
Couples forget what it’s like to hang out. Take your Valentine to Sambuca’s in Buckhead. Listen to a live band, share an appetizer, have a few glasses of wine, and chat about nothing. Hanging out is low key, but it keeps a relationship lively.

7 day Celebration

It’s all about the build-up. The week of Valentine's Day, plan something special for each day. For example: buy her a CD she’s been asking for and load it in her CD player before she goes to work. When she turns on the car, she’ll have an ear full of surprises.

Is your Valentine into video games? Buy your Valentine Mass Effect 2 for his Xbox 360, or Unchartered 2 for his PS3. Cater to his gaming ego—he’ll love you for it. And if he’s in to cooking gadgets, you can’t go wrong with the Flavorwave.

Continue building up to day 7 (Valentines Day). Small items can leave big impressions. It’s all about the thought process.

Bring chivalry back!
The reason why people often state that they would like to relive the courting stages is because each person was attentive to the other person’s wants, needs, and desires. Women made more of an effort to be desirable, and men made more of an effort to be impressive. Take care of each other by being gracious, loyal, and refined. Mature in your chivalry. There is no better time to start than on Valentine's Day.

Now these tips may be atypical, but necessary. There’s nothing wrong with following tradition, but on special occasions such as Valentine's Day, it’s even better when you can create your own.



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