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Valentine's Day ideas: Spread the love

Valentine's Day ideas
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Valentine's Day is the one day of the year more than any other where people focus on sharing love. Traditionally this is associated with romantic love, but as we join together to invite in a new paradigm, these Valentine's Day ideas are great for spreading love around the world.

What would happen if we chose to see every person as our Valentine, just as many of us used to do in primary school with our schoolmates. What if we chose to recognize that every person has a tender heart that wants to be loved? Read the below short meditation from the Moment of Love website for inspiring words along these lines.

Every person in the world has a heart.

Every heart has a place within
that wants only to love and be loved.

Let us connect with that
place of love in our own heart
and in the hearts of all around us.

Let us take a moment now
to open to the heart connection
we share with all people through love.

Take a moment to sit with these beautiful words. When we recognize and acknowledge that everyone we meet has a place in their hearts that wants only to love and be loved, we can begin to be powerful force for transformation through love in our lives and world.

For excellent Valentine's Day ideas on how to use your breath to further embody sacred love in all aspects of your life, see the Web of Love website at this link and the excellent ideas for opening to more love at this link.

When we look at sexual desire and intimate relationship, we can choose to see this, too, as a natural and beautiful part of life for everyone.

For inspiring Valentine's Day ideas on how to make your sexual connections more sacred, see the profound online lesson titled "Sacred Sexuality" at this link. For other ideas on how to get the most out of your relationship with your spouses or sexual partners, read the inspiring essay at this link, titled "The Transformational Power of Sexual Desire."

Whether it is sexual love or the heartfelt love we can feel for all around us, when we open to allowing love to flow more fully and beautifully in our lives, we are helping to transform our world to a kinder, gentler way of being.

Thank you for your interest in exploring these Valentine's Day ideas. Whether you are spending the day alone, with your partner, or with many others, may you richly feel the love in your heart and in the hearts of all around you this Valentine's Day.

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