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Valentine's Day: Heartbroken at the hands of a Narcissist

Be Your Valentine
Be Your Valentine

There is something about being single during Valentine’s Day. Hey you in the back corner -I heard that!No gagging noises allowed!

Valentine’s Day seems to be like a highlighter which makes a difficult situation even more pronounced. Everyone is gushing about how in love they are and filling the air with mushiness. To those who are not in love or even worse, those who are nursing a broken heart; it can be an excruciating and painful holiday.

I had a revelation in church a few years ago. I felt a wave of pity for my ex-husband Seth. When I put our battle aside for a moment and realized that I had the ability to love. I had the ability to care about others and to empathize with people who were hurt or struggling. Despite how heavy that my heart felt during our custody battle, I had a heart that felt.

Seth never would be able to feel or love or empathize. He could pretend to be in love and the recipient of his over the top cards, poems and flowers may believe that he is in love with her but it simply isn’t possible. Individuals with Narcissistic Personality Disorder aren’t capable of the love that you and I can experience.

You may not be experiencing love and joy today however, I invite you to shift the way are thinking about it. Relish in the fact that you are able to experience those feelings. Be your own Valentine. I believe that when you are able to patch your wounds and truly learn to love yourself, you will be in a position to experience a healthy loving relationship. If you aren’t in that place now then declare today is the day!

Today you will be your own Valentine – shower yourself with kind and loving words. Give yourself a huge hug. Cook yourself a dinner and enjoy a glass of wine and a bubble bath. Write yourself a love letter. Be the kind of person that you want to attract – be the best Valentine that you possibly can.

Be YOUR Valentine.

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