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Valentine's day heart art


Looking for an easy art project to do with the kiddos.  Well, look no more here is a super simple way to let children be creative.  When the art project is complete it can be given to a family member, neighbor, or kept for refrigerator art.

Heart Art

Materials:  construction paper, food coloring, water, old muffin tin, paper towel, waxed paper (or another nonstick surface), crayons, eyedroppers

Drops of diluted food coloring give this project the look of tie-dye.  In advance, set out muffin tin of food coloring that you have diluted with water.  Place an eyedropper beside each container.  To make one project, place a paper towel on a piece of waxed paper or another nonstick surface.  Use the eyedroppers to squeeze drops of food coloring all over the paper towel.  Then allow the paper towel to dry.  To make a frame, fold a sheet of construction paper in half.  Draw half of a large heart on the fold, and cut it out.  Then unfold the paper and discard the solid heart.  If desired, draw a decorative border around the frame opening.  Glue the rame to the paper towel and then trim any excess paper towel.

Great for Giving

Materials: white paper plate,  paint, sponges, glue, scissors, ribbon, sting, red and pink construction paper

No doubt children would love to present this Valentine's Day wreath to family members!  To prepare, make a supply of hearts in various colors and sizes.  For each child, cut out the center of a withe paper plate.  To make a wreath, place a prepared plate upside down on a newspaper-coved surface.  Sponge-paint the plate a chosen color (crayons or markers can be used.)  Allow the paint to dry.  Then glue the hearts on the wrath as desired.  After the glue dries, punch tow holes at the top of the wreath.  Thread a length of ribbon through the holes and then tie the ribbon into a bow.  Attach a loop of string to the back of the project to create a hanger.

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