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Valentine's Day Hair Tutorial

This Valentines Day opt for a sleek, sexy hairstyle. Straight hair is sophisticated and a look that any one can rock. Check out these pointers on how to get super soft and sleek hair.

1. Wash your hair.

Most hairstyles, especially up do's, require dirty hair because it holds better. Clean hair is harder to tease and keep up. But for this hair, since you will be wearing it down, you actually want it to be clean so it looks fresh and silky.

2. Appy a heat protectant to your hair. You will be blow drying it and using a flat iron so you want it to be super protected from all the heat! My favorite is the Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray

3. Attach the flat nozzle to your brush and begin to blow dry. Make sure to start at the root to be sure all the moisture is gone. Then angle your blow dryer down and brush to the end of your hair. You don't want to have the blow dryer facing up because you will be drying against the follicle of the hair which will cause the cuticles to open up and frizz.

4. I would apply a second layer of heat protectant but that is totally optional. Now take a flat iron and iron 1 inch sections of hair until the whole head is done.

5. Lastly take a shine spray or a few drop of argan oil and apply it to the ends of your hair. This will seal everything, prevent frizziness, and give you overall sleek look some shine to it.

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