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Valentine’s Day guide to social media etiquette

Valentine's Day guide to flowers and social media
Valentine's Day guide to flowers and social media
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

With loving Valentine’s Day close by, it is time to brush up on the proper social media etiquette to have on the day. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or other platform being frequented on February 14, here are a few tips to avoid offending online connections – let’s call it a Valentine’s Day guide to social media etiquette.

Be aware other people get presents too

While the box of chocolate from Rogers’ Chocolates in Gastown and the dozen red roses are a wonderful gift to receive on the special day, it’s in poor taste to flaunt it all over the social media networks. Remember, other people are likely getting presents too. Also, there are people who feel lonely and sad on February 14, so it’s best not to rub their noses in receiving presents from a significant other. That's tip number one for this Valentine's Day guide on social media etiquette.

Avoid desperation on social media

There’s no better way to entice people to hit the unfollow button on Twitter or uncircle a Google+ connection than a desperate plea on social media for a date on Valentine’s Day. While a person may feel down on the special day, it’s not going to win him or her online friends or admirers by asking for companionship to connections that person may not have even met face to face before. Once respect online is lost, it is difficult to gain back.

Respect online please

Respect is a critical part of the online Valentine's Day guide for social media etiquette. While one person may embrace the love day, another person may not. Be respectful of both sides of the heart-felt situation, and try to understand that not everyone will hit the “like” button for a status about having massive love for a significant other. The day can bring up some sad memories for some Vancouverites, and a Facebook status is likely not going to sway that mood.

A Valentine’s Day guide to social media etiquette involves respect and compassion. Yes, the social media world deserves this treatment, just like in real life.

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