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Valentine’s Day guide to saving money on greeting cards

As you seek to give on Valentine’s Day, do not feel like you have to sacrifice giving a greeting card. Many of us know what it means to be on a budget, and we understand how a few dollars can mean a lot. Therefore, here are three ways to give greeting cards for a cheap price on Valentine’s Day.

eCards are a good way to say Happy Valentine's Day.
eCards are a good way to say Happy Valentine's Day.
Photo by Micky.! via Flickr
Save money on greeting cards for Valentine's Day.
Photo by ognjen.odobasic via Flickr


Sending someone an eCard is a very thoughtful way to say Happy Valentine’s Day. The eCard can be personalized with your own greeting and other sentimental words. Many people do not expect to receive an emailed greeting card on Valentine’s Day and sending an eCard can be a great surprise.

All that you need is a good email address for the person you are sending it to. Also, because most eCards cost nothing to be sent, you can send them to as many people as you choose for free.

Dollar stores

The Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Family Dollar stores all offer greeting cards for only one dollar. Find a dollar store location near you and search their selection of greeting cards to find one that expresses your feelings toward your valentine.

Do it yourself

If you are looking to make a lasting impression on your valentine, get creative. Do this by grabbing some construction paper and other supplies and hand craft them a Valentine’s Day card.

This can be cheap as you may already have paper, glue, scissors, markers, and a pencil or pen at home. Or, if you do not have markers or crayons and feel a need for color, grab an old magazine and start trimming. You can fill the card with cut out pictures of couples, nice houses, or other cool pictures showing them your thoughts toward them.

Lastly, save yourself some space to tell them how unique they are to you. Your handwritten words will mean more to them than any preformatted greeting card could ever say.

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